Sunday, June 12, 2011

See how A City can Capture the Country

Today was my day off , I decided to going for a ride around town. I wanted to get a picture of these two Pinto Horses. they are so pretty. but because i was scared to get out the car this all i have. (Squint,tilt u'r head or something they're there.)
Also wanted to take an amazing picture of a outhouse that was near by:
Don't know can't help you. But the out house is there.
So I did photograph see a place a took an okay picture of the Nature around us on this beautiful day
Lovely right,such creativity with one shot. Thank you. I did get out of the car this time it was the restaurant we were eating at. All done through my car window.
Thank you , again I like you too.

Blessing and Live Life with a Smile ~Leah
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