Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bluer than Hue

3 gifts of blue , was today's Joy Dare .  So, I immediately thought of the sky. I think of it often as a gift or a blessing. It’s  something that I ‘am thankful for always. Because, a blue sky reminds me of some calm for a few moments, maybe hours. Especially after, a stormy day. Which makes it also a sign of  hope of some peaceful and pleasant weather or times.  It’s because of this that the sky will of course, be my number 1 gift.

My Second is something fun and it was given to me by my sister in law. Who is an awesome person. If she were blue she’d be the second gift. However, the nail lacquer, she gave me. It's  powder blue as depicted above in the bow.

My third are boys. I’am so very happy God made them. They make the best big bothers. I know this because I have two. They can become wonderful fathers. I know this too. as I was a daddy girl. And my bother’s are pretty great dads. So, my nieces and nephew say. I must agree, That boys are pretty awesome because of this and Jesus was once a boy, you can have a better bother than him.. :)))))

So, everyone please have a great evening and until tomorrow's next Joy dare. Also, if you’d like join in than follow this link: and find out why were counting out blessings.

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