Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still Counting

#33) I am thankful for having my very best friend still here. He survived a serious surgery. So, thank you God in the name of Jesus.
Beyond, that, I had to think a bit , because it’s been a few days since my last post of blessings/gifts.

#34) Having a  great day at both my jobs. (Monday,  was the start of my summer work, in conjunction with my full-time Job. )

#35) Being to able to worked those jobs joyfully one after the other. ( I surprised how energize I was after leaving one. Because one is  in the early morning and the other is a mid to evening shift. However, I did sleep well that evening )

#36) Deciding, I wanted to give our clothing away to a women's battered shattered and or homeless. I think I will ask the whole family to join in with me!

#37) Team work at work, is always a blessings.

#38) Team work in home.

#39) Seeing God, actually blessing a person for guiding someone towards a positive  path,. It’s amazing to see, when this  happen to your friends.

#40) Buying small gifts and putting smiles on a few of my friends faces. ( by, small, I mean 99 cent hair clips, That they just loved.)

#41) that I’am still counting……….

The list will continue this evening Smile

Have a blessed day everyone through God In Christ

Monday, June 24, 2013

Start with #27

*Photo via: instapray on Instagram

Todays Joy Dares, the blessings that I found yesterday & today:

#27) Listening, to Joel Osteen early, Sunday morning before Church.

#28) I was thankful for going to church with my family yesterday.

#29) Going for a walk to my favorite place, yesterday evening after dinner. It’s been too warm lately to go in the day. So, I haven't been for awhile, before yesterday

#30)  Finding One Passion One Devotion, after reading their  5 minute Friday. They keep me center as I as trying to keep away from social networking yesterday.

#31) Taking time away from the computer and  taking pictures on my mini hike

#32) Having the past two days off has been, very refreshing for me. As I will be working TWO jobs this week and for the rest of the summer. ( I would count that as #33 but, I have to get up early, so, at this point I can’t see the beauty in it yet Smile))

Well, That’s it for tonight, May God Bless you all in the name of Jesus and I’ll write you all tomorrow :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just Look


Looking for 3 of  God’s Blessing on  a stressful day was easier than I thought. Because, I wanted to see the light, of this day. So, my 3 Gifts and/or Blessings begin with:

#23) A Bother , who called me back, during his work.  As well, as calling me to see if I got home safe with the bum car.  Get this! He called while he and my cool sis-n-law  were looking for his lost car keys! He did find them. Praise God in Christ. He, also is an engineer and had me checking fluids in the parking structure of my job to determine what may be the problem. Through that, we figure it out. Outcome, may not be good. Now, watch how GOD, works on #24.

#24) It’s not how I want to go to work, but it’s a half a block from my home, the train. What? Yep! However,  it does not run on the weekends. But, that’s okay, Because, I asked last week to have them off. What?What? Jehovah is good.

#25) to everyone out there customers. can be a blessing without spending any money. A kind lady and her patient husband came in to my work today. ( my good co-worker and I work the same hours on this day, and she has to pass my house to go to work. What? What?)  because of their carefree demeanors it was easy to help them. 
Yes, they did spend money. But, As I they told me thank you, I told them in return, "you're the real blessing for me this day, you have no idea". I didn't want to go into what was going on. But, their response, to my gratitude was awesome. As their faces lite up and said Thank , really thank. I feel, they , knew it wasn't about the money. It was about, putting my attention on them. Love people like that.

#26) I stop to take this picture, today on my way home, in  a car I was afraid to drive. I just, had to park for a minute take this.  Thank you God in the name of Jesus ~Amen

Goodnight everyone Smile

Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Happy

Joy Dare: 3 gifts of light.
#20) Accepting , that you have found it. Because, days, months and years can seem dark for to long. That , it seems our eyes are use to shadows and the voids. Also, it seems when God, literally shines a light on a situation we are blinded the kindness 1st! Until, we can see it’s a blessing and perhaps a prayer answered.
#21)  After everything I’ve been through. Light is  a gift that I want to keep looking.
#22) Happy, with finding simple things

Also: you all can join me for 5 minute Friday’s  at Lisa Jo Bakers.  here’s my other site  where you can find the prompt or the link to join in or hit the button on the side. Good- Night and God Bless in the Name of Jesus everyone.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

H. E. You


Today’s, Joy Dare to of  service to some else. That’s something I’am working at. I would like to one day be able to help build a house for ,
Habitat for Humanity  Habitat For Humanity -‎ .
I would also like to another fight  cancer run with:  Relay for Life: - Relay For Life®‎
I’am also looking at ways to feed and support the homeless in my home town.  When , I find a link for where I will post it!
Out of these three things, I feel, helping the 3rd one is doing in the very near future . I feel, it’s something I can do on my off days , on my own or with some friends. 

photo repost from Jesus Couture on Instagram

Well, with that being said my blessings today are the following:

#14) realizing, that I want to actively  help others , As I have been encouraged by the likes o Joyce Meyer ‘s , Hands of Hope: and Also. a big Thank you to Ann Voskamp : . Who, she and Joyce Meyer  have re kindled  what God Has already instilled  inside my heart. I tell you, he can make connections without having to know each other. Praise you God in Jesus name ~Amen Smile

#15) I blessed with the knowledge on how to move forward on a career move. Just, out of sheer will of re thinking, and making a move I made a simple connection. Yes, I may take some steps backwards, it’s part of life.” But, this  I know if I believe in my self, than God , is the Insurance that I have to get me through it all Smile . Faith  can seem that simple. If you put the work into it. God will Back you. as Long as it’s good , peaceful and not harmful  to you or anyone else.  I love Him.

#16) That , I want to  become a better advocate for Christ through Jehovah. I’am better than anyone?  Never. Do I have bad moods? Sometimes daily.  Will I curse if upset. H. E. Double toothpick yes! Point, I’am just women with a belief like everyone else and I have the same  feelings as most decent   people do.
Goodnight and God Bless in The Name of Jesus Everybody.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It’s all Couture

Photo From: Jesus Couture

#10) Having  my  faith rebuilt and renewed has given me a new way to view situations. This for me is a positive thing. As  I have been  learning while doing this project , that there is always something  to be  grateful for.

#11) I ‘am thankful for  my brother today. He,  worked tirelessly, on his day off, on our patio.  God, blessed our family well, with our siblings. Thank you in the name of Jesus, for Family.!

#13) Again, I have my ups and downs with my friends, but, I feel blessed with my soul sister and Co- worker, (Names not Given)…….. And my Best Friend, who is also my soul sister. I never thought , I would have female friends that would be nice, genuine, and  a big plus, they love God and Christ as I do. In fact, I never thought I ‘d have Christian friends at all. It feels, so good to be able to converse with these girls. In fact when I think about it. I have a nice group of sisters. In fact two of them I have reunited with because of the One, love we share for the Lord . Talk about connections. Because, when I’am down, they speak to about   God’s good words  and Christ's living examples. This help to put me back on track. Big Thanks Again Father :) ~Amen

Monday, June 17, 2013


My 3 Gifts Today is:

7) Knowing I’am Loved

8) We can afford to keep food on the table

9) And when nature is at peace. It’s a beautiful silence that, helps me to enjoy the day. Just, thanking God in Christ for the simple things.

*I took this picture earlier today. I was so excited to have got a bee in flight Smile

 Everyone, have a blessed evening and may God give you pleasant dreams ~ Amen

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day

*Bible Study with Joyce Meyer on You Version Bible app :)

1) I just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day to the best Father Ever. Thank you Jehovah, for Jesus Christ and finding us all worthy of your love. Amen

 2) Jesus Christ 

3) My Mother and Family

4) Time Off

5) I made someone smiled today that I didn't know. I have to say it's awesome  to see face glow, because of it ;)

6) I had a great time with friends last night. Hence, I have six gifts today.  5 and 6 are from yesterday's.

Have a Blessed day everyone. and God, Bless all the Dad's out there in the name of Jesus - Amen

Friday, June 14, 2013

Altered State of Mind

This is going to short and I will say as my 3 gifts  for today are:

4) Forgiveness between  a soul sister and I. something always seems to  work at keeping us from becoming friends. As, we are advocates of Christ in God.

5) There is a actual Christian store called: Altar’d State . Their clothing  is  fun  and free. They remind me of an affordable  anthropology or free people . So, happy to discover this place, and yeah! It’s good to know God’s peps like fashion too :)!!

6) I feel blessed anytime I’am surrounded by like minded people. It just feels good,not to hide your belief sometimes.  Because, of this today was a good day.

Good Night until tomorrows Joy Dare.Come Joy us here @ A Holy Experience

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I can handle it

Today’s Joy Dare was 3 gifts That Smelled. I had to reread it twice to be sure. So, I thought my first gift would be my favorite perfume that my sister in law gave me, this last Christmas.  However, when I stepped outside and saw how pretty the sky was , I decided to go off the grid for my  Joy Dare.
So, with that being said here are my Blessings for today:

1) I hope this photo will bring in  a bit of sunshine and clear skies, for some of you . I also would like for you all  to know, I’am praying for you.

2)  My favorite perfume, from my sister in law. She really, has been a gift to our family. I’am very thankful for her.

3) I love the smell of  fresh flowers . Whenever, I see them while walking , I feel God is winking at me. And He’s saying “ That He, is here for me, even when I don't think  He is :)”


Well, Goodnight, I hope that God in Christ will Bless you all with some comfort. Also may you feel His, hug as you sleep tonight. Please, don't forget, there is always Light after dark. night to Day. So, will the Light shine  in our Lives. Amen

* You can find the Joy Dare's at Ann's personal site :

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prayers & Thanks

Today’s Joy Dare 3 Full Blessings
Mine are:
1) I’am full of  Prayers for everyone going through the wildfires in Colorado. I’am  also in prayer for those in Chicago, the surrounding cities and states. As they are going through some severe weather today.

2) I’am full of Thank Yous, for the fire department and all rescue workers for all the above locations.  I’m very thankful also, that there are people out there that call helping and saving people their jobs. I thank God daily for everyone like them.

3)I know somewhere there’s a community full of good Samaritans to help each other out during and  after the storm, fire and darkness.

I chose the picture above, because it was after some heavy rain. So, as you all can see the sun is shining over the puddle and the mess the weather made. To me it reminds me in time, I will see the same thing in my situation.
P.S. That’s why I love the sun so much, it’s like God’s pinky swear after Christ , that I can make it through, rather I see it yet to come.

 Also, please pray and  send positive thoughts to these people. As well as for the  People that are still healing from the harshness of nature.

Goodnight and God Bless to everyone.

Joy Dare List Here: on Ann Voskamps personal site :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 Gifts=More

Todays, Joy Dare 3 Gifts Painted, There isn’t a better artist than God his self. So, seeing his sky painting is a gift.

this  was taken when I took the long way  home. I took the long way so I could enjoy this beauty as we drove back home. *Photo unfiltered.

This was taken this evening, I was so surprised that the sun was setting so late. So, I had to run out and capture just a moment. Hence, way  it’s a little blurry Smile *Photo unfiltered

I took this the day before yesterday. When I went off to look for blessings to for this blog. So, I just held my phone up and took this. It started my adventure a very good note. Photo Unfiltered

If you'd like to take the Joy Dare, than I dare you to follow this link

Well, that’s it for this evening. I hope you enjoy this short art display that’s been a gift and promise to my eyes whenever. That whenever I see the sun and all above rise to clear skies.
God Bless in Jesus ~Amen

Monday, June 10, 2013

Everyday Deeds

Now my Pictures seem to make better sense to me :)

Today’s Joy Dare was  gifts at 8 a.m, 12 p.m and 2 p.m.

 8 a.m.  I enjoyed the gift of sleeping in. As, I have been working later in the day than have been working.

12  p.m. I’am grateful to have a new day to start new projects. I think of these during my walk to the gym.  I also, love the fact about going into work later. Doing this  allows me to  get work around the house.

 2 p.m.  While driving into work at a four way stop a driver in one of the cars motions for me to go.  In a nice way, not hurry up way. I thought how, cool and waved my hand to thank them. It felt so good to see a calm driver, during a busy time of the day.
That, I paid it forward  at the next stop. I did the same thing for someone else. I hoped they did the same thing. I don’t know. But, I must say  the experience left me calm as I continued my drive to work. Also, that feeling stay with me all day as I  worked.

So, Thank you God in Jesus, for letting me see, in a small and quick moment that  simple deeds can have a  huge effect on the rest of someone's day. This is  why I love these Joy Dares, you appreciate some much around you. Mainly, because your looking for good to offset the bad.

Well, Good-Night and God Bless everyone.


Everyday Deeds

Today’s Joy Dare was  gifts at 8 a.m, 12 p.m and 2 p.m.

 8 a.m.  I enjoyed the gift of sleeping in. As, I have been working later in the day than have been working.

12  p.m. I’am grateful to have a new day to start new projects. I think of these during my walk to the gym.  I also, love the fact about going into work later. Doing this  allows me to  get work around the house.

 2 p.m.  While driving into work at a four way stop a driver in one of the cars motions for me to go.  In a nice way, not hurry up way. I thought how, cool and waved my hand to thank them. It felt so good to see a calm driver, during a busy time of the day.
That, I paid it forward  at the next stop. I did the same thing for someone else. I hoped they did the same thing. I don’t know. But, I must say  the experience left me calm as I continued my drive to work. Also, that feeling stay with me all day as I  worked.

So, Thank you God in Jesus, for letting me see, in a small and quick moment that  simple deeds can have a  huge effect on the rest of someones day. This is  why I love these Joy Dares, you appreciate some much around you. Mainly, because your looking for good to offset the bad.

Well, Good-Night and God Bless everyone.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Smile I Dare You

These are my the Three Gifts that made me Smile today :)  ( Joy Dare)

1: Having  quite time with God before I start my day put a smile on face.

2: Going out side and seeing that our new cactus, just, keeps blooming these lovely flowers.

3:  Our, lovely neighbor baked a  gingerbread cake! She,  thinking  of us , gave  us two generous slices. It brings a smile to my face when things that are seen on television. Happens in real life, #FeelingBlessed

Well, That’s it! I’am editing some very blurry pictures I took during our short road trip today. Good-Night and God Bless in  Jesus everyone :)

 Please take the dare, we dare ya :))))  At a Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp personal site.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Empty and Closer

3 Gifts of empty.
365 fpr blog post
Being and feeling empty is a good time to get closer to God. Because, he can help fill the missing piece through Jesus Christ.  He is number one on my list. By putting my puzzled soul back together.

photo blog
He, also enables me to want to do my second gift. Which is to live my life. However, not to  just live. But, to be alive and see it's artistry!  Not, the broken piece before that leads to a bleak view
photo blog 4
Because, my Father influences me , with his expertise of artistries. As my third gift is to create something beautiful, out of the emptiness.

Let me just say that God is the beginning to any type of healing one might be going thorough. As far as people, we simply need each other. That is the other part of healing family, friends , just good people  and they may not have the same belief as you. But, when a heart is good, who can judge.  Trust me, you need them , because He and Christ works through Everyone!
Have a Blessed evening everyone. and please take the dare, we dare ya :))))  At a Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp personal site.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Trust the Life

Today’s Joy Dare was to find 3  Gifts in What You Are Reading. Of course, I will always find gifts in reading the Bible. Which is the best gift to ever have. That! I find it exciting to go through my Instagram feed and see other people sharing precious words!

Here, are my top three  favorites  from  today. These brighten my face as the warmth of the words hugged my heart:
From: InstaPray

: IMG_5161[1]
From: @JesusCouture
From: @The window of my car :)))) on my way to work today. I promise you, this truck was in front of me. I was going to post it on my Insta Feed @Cafee-Leah ( title subject to change).
But, as you all can see  it came out to blurry. If my memory serves me It said,”Jesus the Life”
Well, That’s it.

 What were you blessed with, what your reading. Come on take the Joy Dare. To find out more go to: A Holy Experience, May God bless ya’ll  and have peaceful dreams everyone and Good-Night ~Leah

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Ugly,The Beautiful and The Blessings

Joy- Dare today: 3 Gifts Ugly-Beautiful.
This  was an easy one, I think. Because as some of you know I try to do my dares in real time. I need to do this because, I’am going through some growing pains and needing a more grown up job to go with them. I feel, this situation can draw ugliness from my mind. By making me feel very unappreciative of what I have. If I do that, than I will  sound hypercritical.

So, how do I change this situation around? I don't know. But, I'am thankful and understand that I’am were God, needs me to be for now. But, I admit impatiently I wait. Well, not wait, I try to  learn and get better.
Again, Joy Dare real time and His, message is received. I’am taking time to better my skill, rather than  sulk and complain of not having done my best.  It Turn today's ugly situations into hopefully something beautiful.

 So, my  second gift is that I wrote a story off the top of head. and posted  it onto my other blog. ( you can get there, by going to the home page, under photo.if you’d like to take a look.)

But, the first gift was a lot of insightful reading. I read  a very delightful site  by : Holley Gerth .  I loved the  humor of,   Big Mama, and of course, to help seal some holes in my soul I read and than I felt good enough to write myself. Big  Thanks to these ladies :)

And  Thirdly, I wouldn’t  have a  gift. (Long story short). There was a time after  finishing school I didn't write. Until, one day feeling sad and alone in a self absorb state. I picked a pen up and wrote letters and poems to God. until one day I felt so good  and fell back in love with writing. So, for me to have  a space just to write with other people who love God and Christ too. Is a huge step for me, especially  publicly. As, I was  afraid of losing readers .

However, oddly it has left me to be free to write on my other blog. because, it was always nagging at me that I wasn't writing anything about. The Father or the Son and now it feels so awesome. I just wish everyone could experience it. I must stop now, when I’am ready I want the world to know how Great The Heavenly Father is. And how  generouse He is in  forgiving  through his Son Jesus Christ. Okay done I could really , really go on. Good Night everyone and God Bless you all in the name of Jesus. Amen

Also,please for give me if I missed some editing spots. I will go through them on my next day off ~Leah

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Of Peace

Today was an emotional roller coasters  and it was my day off. So, one  would think it would  be easy to find gifts of Peace, of Hope and of Love. But, today was too hectic, as it’s one of those days where you must pay for everything, and get all business done!

Well, at least for me in order to have my next day off with the family in peace. Which by the way is the Joy Dare of June 5th, 2013. Gifts of Peace, of Hope and of Joy. So this post will be brief,  as my first gift is approaching….
1) Is, a nice warm, peaceful bubble bath, from all the moving , grocery shopping , and simply running around in heavy traffic. Also, forgetting my i.d. didn't help today. But, this lovely bubble bath waiting for me will be a the calm in of this day. Thank you God in Jesus

2) Is, that all this  was to procure the peace in the family, Because of the love I have for them and them for me.

3) Is, wishing everyone blessings , a goodnight and may we Hope to find Peace  and Love again  tomorrow. Amen

to get a understanding of what A 1000 gifts are. And it's all around go for you follow this link. And Big Thanks to my friends! I see your encouragement though it's not said.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Imperfection + Individuality=Love

I thought this photo would be perfect for today’s , Joy Dare: Find 3 Gifts in Christ. This photo brings me to my first one:

One: gift in Christ for me is that, he died for our sins.  Because of it ,I’ am loved for who I’am. I don’t need to hide anything from Him and the Father.  Nor,do I have be anyone, other than myself around people. Because, I was created by the most  High who finds imperfect, but beautiful.

Two: Oddly, you have a bond with others who love Christ. It’s  like being in  a new place. Where you meet someone from your hometown. Yes, through him we have a  many kindred friendships. No! I have kindred families from around the world.
*Why, family? Because there are different forms  of Christianity . Please believe me, as I won’t name them all. But, know this, regardless  of our differences we believe in one God, One Christ and we  all read  from One book called the Holy Bible. It’s An amazing feeling to meet each other, Even to blog together!!!!. And everyone, from every where is always welcomed..

Three: For not answering  some ill- prayed prayers. And patently guiding me as I beg for things I did not have need of.  Amen.
Well, good-night everyone.May God Bless you all In the name of Christ.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Gifts in One

My mother bought me these, my favorite candy when I was feeling stressed about work.
June 3rd’s Joy Dare brought for new awareness of how great some of my family members are. As today's joy dare was,  3 gifts from today conversation. I’am mainly speaking about my mother. Who, I realized through todays conversation that  she really is pretty awesome. Also, that she really  would do anything for any of her children.

As my one of my older bothers are going through , losing his job. Well, not as much as losing, but, it burned down in a fire. Being a barber, he left his equipment in the shop.  So,  his clippers and tools gone. Of course, the siblings and I will gather together and send him  money to purchase new equipment. For, now his friends in his community are loaning him Thiers's in order for him to work from home.

That, Is a blessings in it’s self. That he wasn’t harmed in the fire. and he can work from home. He, being a person God, got on his knees and  Thank God in Jesus name I”am sure. I  have been sending him up lifting spiritual quotes from the bible. which he has finds helpful.

Though, rightfully so the situation is still upsetting. So, while talking to him, we asked him what would help. He told us he was out of business cards.  If he had them he could reach  more people.

Without  any hesitation my mother went to her computer and researched where to get business cards. I don’t know where she found it. But, the next thing I know is while I was getting ready for work, earlier today. She called in her room to show me the business cards she made for him. Yes! she made them. She  also, designed them  exactly how  he  wanted them. It was at that moment I understood, just how great she is.

How, she has always made things possible for all three of us. Especially, for myself personally I know that if I didn't have my faith and the mother that God blessed with. I  don’t know where I would be. Let’s just say I was a prodigal daughter  to say the least.

Long, story short. My mother had to literally pick up, not only was I living in swine. But, I lived in a different state than her. I was a mess and in needed of help. And I  didn't  want to leave the filth I was living in.  I resisted my mother when she first came. But, our Lord had his way and Thanks to a mother’s  love , I’am here today.

Yes, I’am sitting in clean room, that’s my own in an two bedroom apartment that I share with my mother. Believe me when I write that,  I pay my way. She doesn't do it for me. nor, would I ask. The first year, she let me ride free. But, through time I healed from a dark place and I’am now able to contribute to our house hold. This gives her the freedom to begin to enjoy her retirement years now. As she had to work while I was healing to support both of us.

 Actions like her's amazes me and I love her so much. So, God Thank you for  being  able to have a conversation with her. This gives me three in one Joy Dare blessings. And I would like to thank the Lord for letting me see this in her today. As, living with parents after being on your own for a long while. It  can become difficult for me to count my blessings sometimes. As,  I’am still her little girl.  When, I would like for her to see the grown women that I’am.
But,  until that happens, I feel very gifted to come to this understanding,today.



Saturday, June 1, 2013

Everything will be O.K. (Oklahoma)

Today’s, Joy Dare was a little difficult. As it was 3 gifts of orange. Besides, the refreshing and sweet taste of  the citrus fruit, I was at a lost. So, one of three isn’t bad.  Well, make that two of three. Because, I found this while looking for something the prompt color. Behold, God’s artistry of  the sun setting.  In fact it’s number one on my list.

Also,  I chose this picture as something  joyful  and hopeful to look at. For anyone who needs some mental sunshine. As, this was my prayer last night for Oklahoma. However, again prayers aren’t answered how we would like them to be. But, in the  community of OK. Lives a bunch of survivors that thrive on helping each other out. Regardless of anything, but the need of needing each other  and understanding  one another empathically
It’s seeing that strength, that gives me hope that humanity hasn’t become to jaded. And a cry for God in Christ isn’t something lost and faded. But, a bound understood. That as sun shall set to darkness, it soon shall pass and bring in It’s light.

So, I pray and hope that the light shall soon shine brightly in Old Oklahoma and they will soon start to  rebuild new foundations. With new friends , they may have never met. Because of this, the community will only become stronger.

Well, Goodnight all. And may God Bless us all and give of the ability to help those with less than us. Sometimes, as silly as it may seem a simple hug, with nod of understanding is all one needs.
Also while I was at Ann’s site A Holy Experience she shared with us some links for us to share with everyone. Naturally, I picked this one, having to do with a family making it through a Toronto. WORLD | There’s no place like (our eternal) home |...