Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 Gifts=More

Todays, Joy Dare 3 Gifts Painted, There isn’t a better artist than God his self. So, seeing his sky painting is a gift.

this  was taken when I took the long way  home. I took the long way so I could enjoy this beauty as we drove back home. *Photo unfiltered.

This was taken this evening, I was so surprised that the sun was setting so late. So, I had to run out and capture just a moment. Hence, way  it’s a little blurry Smile *Photo unfiltered

I took this the day before yesterday. When I went off to look for blessings to for this blog. So, I just held my phone up and took this. It started my adventure a very good note. Photo Unfiltered

If you'd like to take the Joy Dare, than I dare you to follow this link http://www.aholyexperience.com/

Well, that’s it for this evening. I hope you enjoy this short art display that’s been a gift and promise to my eyes whenever. That whenever I see the sun and all above rise to clear skies.
God Bless in Jesus ~Amen

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