Saturday, June 8, 2013

Empty and Closer

3 Gifts of empty.
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Being and feeling empty is a good time to get closer to God. Because, he can help fill the missing piece through Jesus Christ.  He is number one on my list. By putting my puzzled soul back together.

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He, also enables me to want to do my second gift. Which is to live my life. However, not to  just live. But, to be alive and see it's artistry!  Not, the broken piece before that leads to a bleak view
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Because, my Father influences me , with his expertise of artistries. As my third gift is to create something beautiful, out of the emptiness.

Let me just say that God is the beginning to any type of healing one might be going thorough. As far as people, we simply need each other. That is the other part of healing family, friends , just good people  and they may not have the same belief as you. But, when a heart is good, who can judge.  Trust me, you need them , because He and Christ works through Everyone!
Have a Blessed evening everyone. and please take the dare, we dare ya :))))  At a Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp personal site.

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