Saturday, June 1, 2013

Everything will be O.K. (Oklahoma)

Today’s, Joy Dare was a little difficult. As it was 3 gifts of orange. Besides, the refreshing and sweet taste of  the citrus fruit, I was at a lost. So, one of three isn’t bad.  Well, make that two of three. Because, I found this while looking for something the prompt color. Behold, God’s artistry of  the sun setting.  In fact it’s number one on my list.

Also,  I chose this picture as something  joyful  and hopeful to look at. For anyone who needs some mental sunshine. As, this was my prayer last night for Oklahoma. However, again prayers aren’t answered how we would like them to be. But, in the  community of OK. Lives a bunch of survivors that thrive on helping each other out. Regardless of anything, but the need of needing each other  and understanding  one another empathically
It’s seeing that strength, that gives me hope that humanity hasn’t become to jaded. And a cry for God in Christ isn’t something lost and faded. But, a bound understood. That as sun shall set to darkness, it soon shall pass and bring in It’s light.

So, I pray and hope that the light shall soon shine brightly in Old Oklahoma and they will soon start to  rebuild new foundations. With new friends , they may have never met. Because of this, the community will only become stronger.

Well, Goodnight all. And may God Bless us all and give of the ability to help those with less than us. Sometimes, as silly as it may seem a simple hug, with nod of understanding is all one needs.
Also while I was at Ann’s site A Holy Experience she shared with us some links for us to share with everyone. Naturally, I picked this one, having to do with a family making it through a Toronto. WORLD | There’s no place like (our eternal) home |...

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