Monday, June 3, 2013

Gifts in One

My mother bought me these, my favorite candy when I was feeling stressed about work.
June 3rd’s Joy Dare brought for new awareness of how great some of my family members are. As today's joy dare was,  3 gifts from today conversation. I’am mainly speaking about my mother. Who, I realized through todays conversation that  she really is pretty awesome. Also, that she really  would do anything for any of her children.

As my one of my older bothers are going through , losing his job. Well, not as much as losing, but, it burned down in a fire. Being a barber, he left his equipment in the shop.  So,  his clippers and tools gone. Of course, the siblings and I will gather together and send him  money to purchase new equipment. For, now his friends in his community are loaning him Thiers's in order for him to work from home.

That, Is a blessings in it’s self. That he wasn’t harmed in the fire. and he can work from home. He, being a person God, got on his knees and  Thank God in Jesus name I”am sure. I  have been sending him up lifting spiritual quotes from the bible. which he has finds helpful.

Though, rightfully so the situation is still upsetting. So, while talking to him, we asked him what would help. He told us he was out of business cards.  If he had them he could reach  more people.

Without  any hesitation my mother went to her computer and researched where to get business cards. I don’t know where she found it. But, the next thing I know is while I was getting ready for work, earlier today. She called in her room to show me the business cards she made for him. Yes! she made them. She  also, designed them  exactly how  he  wanted them. It was at that moment I understood, just how great she is.

How, she has always made things possible for all three of us. Especially, for myself personally I know that if I didn't have my faith and the mother that God blessed with. I  don’t know where I would be. Let’s just say I was a prodigal daughter  to say the least.

Long, story short. My mother had to literally pick up, not only was I living in swine. But, I lived in a different state than her. I was a mess and in needed of help. And I  didn't  want to leave the filth I was living in.  I resisted my mother when she first came. But, our Lord had his way and Thanks to a mother’s  love , I’am here today.

Yes, I’am sitting in clean room, that’s my own in an two bedroom apartment that I share with my mother. Believe me when I write that,  I pay my way. She doesn't do it for me. nor, would I ask. The first year, she let me ride free. But, through time I healed from a dark place and I’am now able to contribute to our house hold. This gives her the freedom to begin to enjoy her retirement years now. As she had to work while I was healing to support both of us.

 Actions like her's amazes me and I love her so much. So, God Thank you for  being  able to have a conversation with her. This gives me three in one Joy Dare blessings. And I would like to thank the Lord for letting me see this in her today. As, living with parents after being on your own for a long while. It  can become difficult for me to count my blessings sometimes. As,  I’am still her little girl.  When, I would like for her to see the grown women that I’am.
But,  until that happens, I feel very gifted to come to this understanding,today.



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  1. Thanks for drenching me in thankfulness ... mom thanks.

    Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into goodness.