Wednesday, June 19, 2013

H. E. You


Today’s, Joy Dare to of  service to some else. That’s something I’am working at. I would like to one day be able to help build a house for ,
Habitat for Humanity  Habitat For Humanity -‎ .
I would also like to another fight  cancer run with:  Relay for Life: - Relay For Life®‎
I’am also looking at ways to feed and support the homeless in my home town.  When , I find a link for where I will post it!
Out of these three things, I feel, helping the 3rd one is doing in the very near future . I feel, it’s something I can do on my off days , on my own or with some friends. 

photo repost from Jesus Couture on Instagram

Well, with that being said my blessings today are the following:

#14) realizing, that I want to actively  help others , As I have been encouraged by the likes o Joyce Meyer ‘s , Hands of Hope: and Also. a big Thank you to Ann Voskamp : . Who, she and Joyce Meyer  have re kindled  what God Has already instilled  inside my heart. I tell you, he can make connections without having to know each other. Praise you God in Jesus name ~Amen Smile

#15) I blessed with the knowledge on how to move forward on a career move. Just, out of sheer will of re thinking, and making a move I made a simple connection. Yes, I may take some steps backwards, it’s part of life.” But, this  I know if I believe in my self, than God , is the Insurance that I have to get me through it all Smile . Faith  can seem that simple. If you put the work into it. God will Back you. as Long as it’s good , peaceful and not harmful  to you or anyone else.  I love Him.

#16) That , I want to  become a better advocate for Christ through Jehovah. I’am better than anyone?  Never. Do I have bad moods? Sometimes daily.  Will I curse if upset. H. E. Double toothpick yes! Point, I’am just women with a belief like everyone else and I have the same  feelings as most decent   people do.
Goodnight and God Bless in The Name of Jesus Everybody.

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