Thursday, June 13, 2013

I can handle it

Today’s Joy Dare was 3 gifts That Smelled. I had to reread it twice to be sure. So, I thought my first gift would be my favorite perfume that my sister in law gave me, this last Christmas.  However, when I stepped outside and saw how pretty the sky was , I decided to go off the grid for my  Joy Dare.
So, with that being said here are my Blessings for today:

1) I hope this photo will bring in  a bit of sunshine and clear skies, for some of you . I also would like for you all  to know, I’am praying for you.

2)  My favorite perfume, from my sister in law. She really, has been a gift to our family. I’am very thankful for her.

3) I love the smell of  fresh flowers . Whenever, I see them while walking , I feel God is winking at me. And He’s saying “ That He, is here for me, even when I don't think  He is :)”


Well, Goodnight, I hope that God in Christ will Bless you all with some comfort. Also may you feel His, hug as you sleep tonight. Please, don't forget, there is always Light after dark. night to Day. So, will the Light shine  in our Lives. Amen

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