Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Imperfection + Individuality=Love

I thought this photo would be perfect for today’s , Joy Dare: Find 3 Gifts in Christ. This photo brings me to my first one:

One: gift in Christ for me is that, he died for our sins.  Because of it ,I’ am loved for who I’am. I don’t need to hide anything from Him and the Father.  Nor,do I have be anyone, other than myself around people. Because, I was created by the most  High who finds imperfect, but beautiful.

Two: Oddly, you have a bond with others who love Christ. It’s  like being in  a new place. Where you meet someone from your hometown. Yes, through him we have a  many kindred friendships. No! I have kindred families from around the world.
*Why, family? Because there are different forms  of Christianity . Please believe me, as I won’t name them all. But, know this, regardless  of our differences we believe in one God, One Christ and we  all read  from One book called the Holy Bible. It’s An amazing feeling to meet each other, Even to blog together!!!!. And everyone, from every where is always welcomed..

Three: For not answering  some ill- prayed prayers. And patently guiding me as I beg for things I did not have need of.  Amen.
Well, good-night everyone.May God Bless you all In the name of Christ.


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