Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It’s all Couture

Photo From: Jesus Couture

#10) Having  my  faith rebuilt and renewed has given me a new way to view situations. This for me is a positive thing. As  I have been  learning while doing this project , that there is always something  to be  grateful for.

#11) I ‘am thankful for  my brother today. He,  worked tirelessly, on his day off, on our patio.  God, blessed our family well, with our siblings. Thank you in the name of Jesus, for Family.!

#13) Again, I have my ups and downs with my friends, but, I feel blessed with my soul sister and Co- worker, (Names not Given)…….. And my Best Friend, who is also my soul sister. I never thought , I would have female friends that would be nice, genuine, and  a big plus, they love God and Christ as I do. In fact, I never thought I ‘d have Christian friends at all. It feels, so good to be able to converse with these girls. In fact when I think about it. I have a nice group of sisters. In fact two of them I have reunited with because of the One, love we share for the Lord . Talk about connections. Because, when I’am down, they speak to about   God’s good words  and Christ's living examples. This help to put me back on track. Big Thanks Again Father :) ~Amen

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