Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Ugly,The Beautiful and The Blessings

Joy- Dare today: 3 Gifts Ugly-Beautiful.
This  was an easy one, I think. Because as some of you know I try to do my dares in real time. I need to do this because, I’am going through some growing pains and needing a more grown up job to go with them. I feel, this situation can draw ugliness from my mind. By making me feel very unappreciative of what I have. If I do that, than I will  sound hypercritical.

So, how do I change this situation around? I don't know. But, I'am thankful and understand that I’am were God, needs me to be for now. But, I admit impatiently I wait. Well, not wait, I try to  learn and get better.
Again, Joy Dare real time and His, message is received. I’am taking time to better my skill, rather than  sulk and complain of not having done my best.  It Turn today's ugly situations into hopefully something beautiful.

 So, my  second gift is that I wrote a story off the top of head. and posted  it onto my other blog. ( you can get there, by going to the home page, under photo.if you’d like to take a look.)

But, the first gift was a lot of insightful reading. I read  a very delightful site  by : Holley Gerth .  I loved the  humor of,   Big Mama, and of course, to help seal some holes in my soul I read and than I felt good enough to write myself. Big  Thanks to these ladies :)

And  Thirdly, I wouldn’t  have a  gift. (Long story short). There was a time after  finishing school I didn't write. Until, one day feeling sad and alone in a self absorb state. I picked a pen up and wrote letters and poems to God. until one day I felt so good  and fell back in love with writing. So, for me to have  a space just to write with other people who love God and Christ too. Is a huge step for me, especially  publicly. As, I was  afraid of losing readers .

However, oddly it has left me to be free to write on my other blog. because, it was always nagging at me that I wasn't writing anything about. The Father or the Son and now it feels so awesome. I just wish everyone could experience it. I must stop now, when I’am ready I want the world to know how Great The Heavenly Father is. And how  generouse He is in  forgiving  through his Son Jesus Christ. Okay done I could really , really go on. Good Night everyone and God Bless you all in the name of Jesus. Amen

Also,please for give me if I missed some editing spots. I will go through them on my next day off ~Leah

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