Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Happy

Joy Dare: 3 gifts of light.
#20) Accepting , that you have found it. Because, days, months and years can seem dark for to long. That , it seems our eyes are use to shadows and the voids. Also, it seems when God, literally shines a light on a situation we are blinded the kindness 1st! Until, we can see it’s a blessing and perhaps a prayer answered.
#21)  After everything I’ve been through. Light is  a gift that I want to keep looking.
#22) Happy, with finding simple things

Also: you all can join me for 5 minute Friday’s  at Lisa Jo Bakers.  here’s my other site  where you can find the prompt or the link to join in or hit the button on the side. Good- Night and God Bless in the Name of Jesus everyone.

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