Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just Look


Looking for 3 of  God’s Blessing on  a stressful day was easier than I thought. Because, I wanted to see the light, of this day. So, my 3 Gifts and/or Blessings begin with:

#23) A Bother , who called me back, during his work.  As well, as calling me to see if I got home safe with the bum car.  Get this! He called while he and my cool sis-n-law  were looking for his lost car keys! He did find them. Praise God in Christ. He, also is an engineer and had me checking fluids in the parking structure of my job to determine what may be the problem. Through that, we figure it out. Outcome, may not be good. Now, watch how GOD, works on #24.

#24) It’s not how I want to go to work, but it’s a half a block from my home, the train. What? Yep! However,  it does not run on the weekends. But, that’s okay, Because, I asked last week to have them off. What?What? Jehovah is good.

#25) to everyone out there customers. can be a blessing without spending any money. A kind lady and her patient husband came in to my work today. ( my good co-worker and I work the same hours on this day, and she has to pass my house to go to work. What? What?)  because of their carefree demeanors it was easy to help them. 
Yes, they did spend money. But, As I they told me thank you, I told them in return, "you're the real blessing for me this day, you have no idea". I didn't want to go into what was going on. But, their response, to my gratitude was awesome. As their faces lite up and said Thank , really thank. I feel, they , knew it wasn't about the money. It was about, putting my attention on them. Love people like that.

#26) I stop to take this picture, today on my way home, in  a car I was afraid to drive. I just, had to park for a minute take this.  Thank you God in the name of Jesus ~Amen

Goodnight everyone Smile

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