Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Of Peace

Today was an emotional roller coasters  and it was my day off. So, one  would think it would  be easy to find gifts of Peace, of Hope and of Love. But, today was too hectic, as it’s one of those days where you must pay for everything, and get all business done!

Well, at least for me in order to have my next day off with the family in peace. Which by the way is the Joy Dare of June 5th, 2013. Gifts of Peace, of Hope and of Joy. So this post will be brief,  as my first gift is approaching….
1) Is, a nice warm, peaceful bubble bath, from all the moving , grocery shopping , and simply running around in heavy traffic. Also, forgetting my i.d. didn't help today. But, this lovely bubble bath waiting for me will be a the calm in of this day. Thank you God in Jesus

2) Is, that all this  was to procure the peace in the family, Because of the love I have for them and them for me.

3) Is, wishing everyone blessings , a goodnight and may we Hope to find Peace  and Love again  tomorrow. Amen

to get a understanding of what A 1000 gifts are. And it's all around go for you follow this link. And Big Thanks to my friends! I see your encouragement though it's not said.

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