Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prayers & Thanks

Today’s Joy Dare 3 Full Blessings
Mine are:
1) I’am full of  Prayers for everyone going through the wildfires in Colorado. I’am  also in prayer for those in Chicago, the surrounding cities and states. As they are going through some severe weather today.

2) I’am full of Thank Yous, for the fire department and all rescue workers for all the above locations.  I’m very thankful also, that there are people out there that call helping and saving people their jobs. I thank God daily for everyone like them.

3)I know somewhere there’s a community full of good Samaritans to help each other out during and  after the storm, fire and darkness.

I chose the picture above, because it was after some heavy rain. So, as you all can see the sun is shining over the puddle and the mess the weather made. To me it reminds me in time, I will see the same thing in my situation.
P.S. That’s why I love the sun so much, it’s like God’s pinky swear after Christ , that I can make it through, rather I see it yet to come.

 Also, please pray and  send positive thoughts to these people. As well as for the  People that are still healing from the harshness of nature.

Goodnight and God Bless to everyone.

Joy Dare List Here: on Ann Voskamps personal site :)

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