Sunday, June 9, 2013

Smile I Dare You

These are my the Three Gifts that made me Smile today :)  ( Joy Dare)

1: Having  quite time with God before I start my day put a smile on face.

2: Going out side and seeing that our new cactus, just, keeps blooming these lovely flowers.

3:  Our, lovely neighbor baked a  gingerbread cake! She,  thinking  of us , gave  us two generous slices. It brings a smile to my face when things that are seen on television. Happens in real life, #FeelingBlessed

Well, That’s it! I’am editing some very blurry pictures I took during our short road trip today. Good-Night and God Bless in  Jesus everyone :)

 Please take the dare, we dare ya :))))  At a Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp personal site.

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