Monday, June 24, 2013

Start with #27

*Photo via: instapray on Instagram

Todays Joy Dares, the blessings that I found yesterday & today:

#27) Listening, to Joel Osteen early, Sunday morning before Church.

#28) I was thankful for going to church with my family yesterday.

#29) Going for a walk to my favorite place, yesterday evening after dinner. It’s been too warm lately to go in the day. So, I haven't been for awhile, before yesterday

#30)  Finding One Passion One Devotion, after reading their  5 minute Friday. They keep me center as I as trying to keep away from social networking yesterday.

#31) Taking time away from the computer and  taking pictures on my mini hike

#32) Having the past two days off has been, very refreshing for me. As I will be working TWO jobs this week and for the rest of the summer. ( I would count that as #33 but, I have to get up early, so, at this point I can’t see the beauty in it yet Smile))

Well, That’s it for tonight, May God Bless you all in the name of Jesus and I’ll write you all tomorrow :)

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