Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still Counting

#33) I am thankful for having my very best friend still here. He survived a serious surgery. So, thank you God in the name of Jesus.
Beyond, that, I had to think a bit , because it’s been a few days since my last post of blessings/gifts.

#34) Having a  great day at both my jobs. (Monday,  was the start of my summer work, in conjunction with my full-time Job. )

#35) Being to able to worked those jobs joyfully one after the other. ( I surprised how energize I was after leaving one. Because one is  in the early morning and the other is a mid to evening shift. However, I did sleep well that evening )

#36) Deciding, I wanted to give our clothing away to a women's battered shattered and or homeless. I think I will ask the whole family to join in with me!

#37) Team work at work, is always a blessings.

#38) Team work in home.

#39) Seeing God, actually blessing a person for guiding someone towards a positive  path,. It’s amazing to see, when this  happen to your friends.

#40) Buying small gifts and putting smiles on a few of my friends faces. ( by, small, I mean 99 cent hair clips, That they just loved.)

#41) that I’am still counting……….

The list will continue this evening Smile

Have a blessed day everyone through God In Christ

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