Friday, June 7, 2013

Trust the Life

Today’s Joy Dare was to find 3  Gifts in What You Are Reading. Of course, I will always find gifts in reading the Bible. Which is the best gift to ever have. That! I find it exciting to go through my Instagram feed and see other people sharing precious words!

Here, are my top three  favorites  from  today. These brighten my face as the warmth of the words hugged my heart:
From: InstaPray

: IMG_5161[1]
From: @JesusCouture
From: @The window of my car :)))) on my way to work today. I promise you, this truck was in front of me. I was going to post it on my Insta Feed @Cafee-Leah ( title subject to change).
But, as you all can see  it came out to blurry. If my memory serves me It said,”Jesus the Life”
Well, That’s it.

 What were you blessed with, what your reading. Come on take the Joy Dare. To find out more go to: A Holy Experience, May God bless ya’ll  and have peaceful dreams everyone and Good-Night ~Leah

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