Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A cheerful mind


1 Thessalonians 5
16-18: Be cheerful no matter what; Pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live

Have a Blessed, Peace and Cheerful evening & God will tomorrow ~Amen 

Friday, July 26, 2013


Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, proof of things not yet seen.

May God  in Jesus name, Bless us with a Happy and Peaceful tomorrow goodnight:)

My photo is (C) but, feel free to use it for anything peaceful, happy and wonderful ~Leah 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

where’s the steeple

church 2 (2)
Church name:  Carry the Word Church
But, even when I’am afraid, I keep on trusting you. ~Psalm 56:3

This was a photo taken by my brother during a road trip last fall. I thought this was the cutest Church. When, I saw it, immediately I thought of it’s history . As it has been around since the fifties or more.

 I found out a little about it, before having to leave.My bother is impatient sometimes. So, being rushed I asked a passerbyer, about it. That told me it use to be an, Ukrainian Catholic Church, during that time.

Knowing that bit of history, confirmed  my thoughts  on it's story. Especially, after seeing how  multi – cultural, the small Midwest  town where in.Which, Inspired  me to  create, a story of a people and their faith as they adjusted to a new country. Maybe, for some it was a new state. My mind could go on endless and form a complete story.

 However, As far as this day and age it's great to know that it’s still a place of gathering for, the love of God and Christ. Only this time around it’s church for a community of all types of people who all have personal struggles.

( * I wish my bother would have captured the lovely cross above this quaint place. But, after viewing three different pictures. I notice he  didn’t capture it. And no, he would not allow me to touch his camera. Trusting him, I put my smart phone in my pocket.  for myself, I wished I had remembered more details. Even, been more boarder in my questioning.)

Well. That’s it!May  God bless you all in name of Jesus ~Amen

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Photo: By me Leah Jlyn 07/13
John.8.12  : “ When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”    
Thank you God for loving  us enough to send your Son and our Bother, Jesus Christ.  So, that we may live and be forgiven for all our transgression whatever they may be. Amen

Monday, July 22, 2013

Faith is….

540250_10151770874446718_1356844822_n (1)
Via: I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
             This weeks 1000gifts and Joy Dare round up beginning with:
#88) Trusting in God through Christ, during what I thought was going to be a tough  week.
89) Having  Adaptability  
90)  Having other’s who are will to adapt with me.
91)  We, all accepting the situation
92) Looking for God gifts through my busy days
93) friendly tour guides
94) Having cheerful  service and my local coffee shop 
95)God’s Safety             
96) God’s Intervention
97) Wanting to keep going, because  God, intervened. Because, I really wanted to give up.
98) Being kind
99) New Bible app/
100) Holley Gerth   blog, where I found  this great app.
101) a Smooth day
102) finding three vintage cameras for a dollar each. (God  , knows I ‘ve been wanting one for a long time now. LoL)
103) relaxing
104) Quite bible studies
105) a Good Movie
106) home cook meal
107) family time
108) Sharing Thankful moments
109) Thank you God, for: Ann Voskamp generosity of words and encouragement
Until, next time may God bless you all with peace & love  in name of Jesus ~ Amen
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Sunday’s Inspiration 004
Photo via: a.k.a I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me | Facebook
I did this, this week as I took the bus to work instead of driving. I did this just in case something happens to my car. Also, to see how long it would take and to see what was around my surroundings.
It actual was a nice, ride. (long though). But, I saw some new inspiring places to go later and take pictures. Smile
May God Bless you all with a  Happy Sunday In the name of Jesus ~Amen

Monday, July 15, 2013

73 and still counting

Happy Monday everyone. I ‘am very happy to be counting my gifts/blessings today.
#73) Having pleasant rain showers
#74) Hearing rain drops
#75) watching the sun come up after the rains
#76) meeting a new neighbor
#77) Getting garden fresh tomatoes from my new friend
#78) Having a home
#79) Just being able to breathe
#80) Having eyes to look for grace
#81) Reading a good book
#82) Reading inspirational quotes 
#83) Wanting to encourage others
#84) Going for walks
#85) Sitting by the pool
#86) Ice tea for warm days
#87) Road trips
May God  Bless everyone with a happy evening in Jesus name ~Amen
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gratitude Sundays

Oh how He loves us. As he has given us all a day of rest (Sabbath) . Rather, it’s on a Saturday or Sunday  it’s still days that one can praise God and thank him for Jesus Christ. It’s also a time to spend with family, after a week of work.
Where we can spend an old fashion time  having a meal with the family. Maybe, even go out to the movies and enjoy the day as God had intended. Hence, day of rest filled with gratitude.
 That the more I think about it . The more I realize this is God way of tell us Thank you back. Because we keep this earth growing, which was made for us. I also believe, the best way to give him thanks is to enjoy it on this day. Especially with the ones we love.

Have a blessed and happy sunday everyone :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Saturday

This will be my thought today. I’ll keep in my heart too. As I feel it in my soul. In order for it to become a verb~ Leah

Thursday, July 11, 2013


In the name of Jesus Christ ~Amen
A friend and soul sister of mine had this in her F.B. feed. It’s a quote from the Bible that I love and have read often. I thought I‘d  share this creative use of it with you all!
Everyone have a Blessed, Peaceful & HaPpY DaY :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It’s more than a thought

Repost via; Instapray on Instagram.

 May God Bless us all in the name of Jesus to do just that.  May we, not fight each other because someone is not like us. The quote of above is how we should look to others, though it’s hard sometimes to be that person in difficult time

But, I must try daily and minutes as I catch myself being angry and tearing  someone down. Instead of raising them or even  my self up, to turn the situation around. So, I get it.

 That’s my confession, that I see the real world as it really is. But I prefer to see through it’s fog and pollution for what it can be. What, it was intended to be like.
We, can always encourage each other God made us All!
Have a blessed and happy day and find that light, that God has left you today. May Peace be with you all In the name of Jesus. Amen

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Monday, July 8, 2013

2 gifts in 1

Repost Via: Instaprayer on Instagram
I have the disease of a bad attitude at times. I have stop smoking. I did  it with the will of wanting to. Because of that will, God, was able to work with me. As he healed me before with another addiction. Through my ups and downs , my faith in him has always help me deal with so much. 
To understand God you have to love Him and form a personal relationship with him. Without that love there can never be a understanding of The Father and Jesus the Son.The best way to explain is, He’s a parent and I ‘am one of his children.
 A child, who grows up with a  free will to  live my life as I chose. I can either take the instruction of my parent or learn by trial and err. Needles to say I have learned the hard way.
 But, his grace would  hugged me while my face was soaked with tears as most good parents do. Even, the ones with tough love parenting skills.
Thank you, Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus the other part of  our gift Smile ~Amen

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to share my 1000 Gifts round up for the week. I have been writing my Joy Dares in my journal, lately. So, I can share them later. Also if you'd like to take part of this fun scavenger hunt,  follow the link to:  A Holy Experience : . It's Ann Voskamp personal blog and get your joy dare list.

 Here we go:

58) Thank you God in the name of Jesus for granting me   patience, while my car lane was at a stand still. *( Instead of rushing and going in another lane, I took advantage of the stand still. As my car had been slipping from it’s gear. It's an automatic! See 59)

59) Getting the notion to turn my car off, put it in park and gently putting back to drive. *(I have to say, I never thought of it until this stand still. Believe it or not once I put the car in drive the traffic went back to normal and as well as the car’s gear. Best gift of my week Smile)

60) Taking time out and writing out my gifts before going to bed. *( doing this makes me appreciate a day I might have just blown off as a bad day or something)

61) Having positive people in my life. They help to offset my negative attitude whenever I get into one.
62) It’s a gift to be free to practice your belief  positively and peacefully, whatever it  may be. *(This was during 4th of July)

63) Just to wake up and start a new day Smile

64) I had the pleasure of uniting a group of people who will  and have become friends. *( true story on the 4th a lady I was  styling heard,  a middle eastern language.  She wanted to meet them for her husbands parents. but, she was too shy being blonde and fair. Needles to say the rest is a peaceful and happy history)

65) Meeting these people and being embraced with hugs of thanks. *(But, it was the spirit in me . so I thank Him.)

66) Helping my mother , while her back is out.

67) forming a family at both my jobs *( I have been noticing that more lately)

68) Becoming more supportive of others in my surroundings

69) surrounding myself with people who want to build each other up

70) building up a newbie co-worker

71) Being confident while wearing something I thought was uncomfortable.( I had a very insecure day, my hair wasn’t acting right, I didn’t like what I was wearing, etc. So, I told my self “For this reason your going to leave the mirror and go about your day”. With my hair as is and in an  outfit, that I thought showed my wide shoulders. I went to work and was confronted with “ You look  good today” by someone who didn’t know my previous feelings )

This is a repost from yesterday :) Happy Monday

Well, that’s it ! Everyone may God Bless you in the name of Jesus ~Amen

Friday, July 5, 2013

Good News for Once

I will have my recap of my Joy Dare, 1000 gifts  on Sunday some time. Until  than enjoy this post from: Good News Feed via Instagram.
Also my 5 minute Friday can be found at this link:
May God bless you this evening in Christ name ~ Amen

Monday, July 1, 2013

57 Gifts

Here is my 1000 Gifts/ and or Blessings for this week. As, I have found it’s with some difficulty to posting them daily. However looking for them has been the easy part. Also, Thanking God regularly as they happen has also been easy  Smile ! So here we go…
42) Though, I’am not catholic.( I am non –domination) But, as long as it’s about God and Christ I put no label on religion. I just go  just to praise. However, lately   I’ve been  going  to church with my mother. Doing this has made her beyond happy . That is a big blessing, to see my mother beaming during the service.

43) Taking down time away form social networking ,to spend more time with the family. We had dinner at the table and watched the B.E.T. awards together. It was nice.
44) Learning to become mindful of the people around me.

45) Very happy, that I asked my other job to put me hold for awhile. While, I worked at the new place.

46) So, now I have  two jobs that are  extremely accommodating.

47) My, brother

48) spending 5 minutes with God,  I start the day, lately.

49a) thankful, we were able to put out a small kitchen fire, ( electric stoves user, clean all drips deep down, before cooking) It, could have been bad if we would have left the stove unattended.
49b)Also, thanks to our complex for having regular checks on supplied fire extinguisher. Can I get a Amen!

50) I’am thankful for our  Firefighters everywhere. Also, I would like you all to  know, you  are always in my prayers, especially today. The photo above is for ya’ll.

51) having some great laughter at work this past week

52) making plans for a family trip

53) doing these scavengers hunts of Gods Gift , have been a big plus in my life Smile

July 1st’s Joy Dare:  3 things you Love.
54) I love my Mother

55)I love my Brothers

56)I love My BFF’s

57) everyday I’am learning to love myself as well .

Good night and God bless everyone in the name of Jesus~Amen
Also, feel free to share the photo at the beginning of this post.