Monday, July 8, 2013

2 gifts in 1

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I have the disease of a bad attitude at times. I have stop smoking. I did  it with the will of wanting to. Because of that will, God, was able to work with me. As he healed me before with another addiction. Through my ups and downs , my faith in him has always help me deal with so much. 
To understand God you have to love Him and form a personal relationship with him. Without that love there can never be a understanding of The Father and Jesus the Son.The best way to explain is, He’s a parent and I ‘am one of his children.
 A child, who grows up with a  free will to  live my life as I chose. I can either take the instruction of my parent or learn by trial and err. Needles to say I have learned the hard way.
 But, his grace would  hugged me while my face was soaked with tears as most good parents do. Even, the ones with tough love parenting skills.
Thank you, Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus the other part of  our gift Smile ~Amen

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