Monday, July 1, 2013

57 Gifts

Here is my 1000 Gifts/ and or Blessings for this week. As, I have found it’s with some difficulty to posting them daily. However looking for them has been the easy part. Also, Thanking God regularly as they happen has also been easy  Smile ! So here we go…
42) Though, I’am not catholic.( I am non –domination) But, as long as it’s about God and Christ I put no label on religion. I just go  just to praise. However, lately   I’ve been  going  to church with my mother. Doing this has made her beyond happy . That is a big blessing, to see my mother beaming during the service.

43) Taking down time away form social networking ,to spend more time with the family. We had dinner at the table and watched the B.E.T. awards together. It was nice.
44) Learning to become mindful of the people around me.

45) Very happy, that I asked my other job to put me hold for awhile. While, I worked at the new place.

46) So, now I have  two jobs that are  extremely accommodating.

47) My, brother

48) spending 5 minutes with God,  I start the day, lately.

49a) thankful, we were able to put out a small kitchen fire, ( electric stoves user, clean all drips deep down, before cooking) It, could have been bad if we would have left the stove unattended.
49b)Also, thanks to our complex for having regular checks on supplied fire extinguisher. Can I get a Amen!

50) I’am thankful for our  Firefighters everywhere. Also, I would like you all to  know, you  are always in my prayers, especially today. The photo above is for ya’ll.

51) having some great laughter at work this past week

52) making plans for a family trip

53) doing these scavengers hunts of Gods Gift , have been a big plus in my life Smile

July 1st’s Joy Dare:  3 things you Love.
54) I love my Mother

55)I love my Brothers

56)I love My BFF’s

57) everyday I’am learning to love myself as well .

Good night and God bless everyone in the name of Jesus~Amen
Also, feel free to share the photo at the beginning of this post.

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