Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to share my 1000 Gifts round up for the week. I have been writing my Joy Dares in my journal, lately. So, I can share them later. Also if you'd like to take part of this fun scavenger hunt,  follow the link to:  A Holy Experience : . It's Ann Voskamp personal blog and get your joy dare list.

 Here we go:

58) Thank you God in the name of Jesus for granting me   patience, while my car lane was at a stand still. *( Instead of rushing and going in another lane, I took advantage of the stand still. As my car had been slipping from it’s gear. It's an automatic! See 59)

59) Getting the notion to turn my car off, put it in park and gently putting back to drive. *(I have to say, I never thought of it until this stand still. Believe it or not once I put the car in drive the traffic went back to normal and as well as the car’s gear. Best gift of my week Smile)

60) Taking time out and writing out my gifts before going to bed. *( doing this makes me appreciate a day I might have just blown off as a bad day or something)

61) Having positive people in my life. They help to offset my negative attitude whenever I get into one.
62) It’s a gift to be free to practice your belief  positively and peacefully, whatever it  may be. *(This was during 4th of July)

63) Just to wake up and start a new day Smile

64) I had the pleasure of uniting a group of people who will  and have become friends. *( true story on the 4th a lady I was  styling heard,  a middle eastern language.  She wanted to meet them for her husbands parents. but, she was too shy being blonde and fair. Needles to say the rest is a peaceful and happy history)

65) Meeting these people and being embraced with hugs of thanks. *(But, it was the spirit in me . so I thank Him.)

66) Helping my mother , while her back is out.

67) forming a family at both my jobs *( I have been noticing that more lately)

68) Becoming more supportive of others in my surroundings

69) surrounding myself with people who want to build each other up

70) building up a newbie co-worker

71) Being confident while wearing something I thought was uncomfortable.( I had a very insecure day, my hair wasn’t acting right, I didn’t like what I was wearing, etc. So, I told my self “For this reason your going to leave the mirror and go about your day”. With my hair as is and in an  outfit, that I thought showed my wide shoulders. I went to work and was confronted with “ You look  good today” by someone who didn’t know my previous feelings )

This is a repost from yesterday :) Happy Monday

Well, that’s it ! Everyone may God Bless you in the name of Jesus ~Amen

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