Thursday, July 25, 2013

where’s the steeple

church 2 (2)
Church name:  Carry the Word Church
But, even when I’am afraid, I keep on trusting you. ~Psalm 56:3

This was a photo taken by my brother during a road trip last fall. I thought this was the cutest Church. When, I saw it, immediately I thought of it’s history . As it has been around since the fifties or more.

 I found out a little about it, before having to leave.My bother is impatient sometimes. So, being rushed I asked a passerbyer, about it. That told me it use to be an, Ukrainian Catholic Church, during that time.

Knowing that bit of history, confirmed  my thoughts  on it's story. Especially, after seeing how  multi – cultural, the small Midwest  town where in.Which, Inspired  me to  create, a story of a people and their faith as they adjusted to a new country. Maybe, for some it was a new state. My mind could go on endless and form a complete story.

 However, As far as this day and age it's great to know that it’s still a place of gathering for, the love of God and Christ. Only this time around it’s church for a community of all types of people who all have personal struggles.

( * I wish my bother would have captured the lovely cross above this quaint place. But, after viewing three different pictures. I notice he  didn’t capture it. And no, he would not allow me to touch his camera. Trusting him, I put my smart phone in my pocket.  for myself, I wished I had remembered more details. Even, been more boarder in my questioning.)

Well. That’s it!May  God bless you all in name of Jesus ~Amen

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