Sunday, August 11, 2013

HappY pure Sunday

Unedited photo via: Me *however the other versions of this photo was edited.

James: 3:17  But, the Wisdom from above is first Pure, than Peaceable, Gentle, Open to Reason, full of Mercy and good Fruits, Impartial and Sincere.
James 3:18 And a harvest  of righteousness is sown in Peace by those who make Peace.

I found this quote from the advice of a bible study I was having. I was asked to just open my Bible close my eyes and ask God what he’d like for me to say today. I ‘am tell you the truth I closed my eyes open my bible, with my eyes still closed point to the 3:17. I thought I add 18 for Good measure.
I was so happy when I saw this verse  and could wait to share with everyone.
May God in Christ bless you all with a happy Sunday ~Amen

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