Monday, August 5, 2013

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Ann Voskamp32
Photo & Quote via Ann Voskamp author of One Thousand Gifts

*I would like to say that my words are mine and may not be the understandings of the people that encourage me . As, I find my voice amongst the many grateful Christians , who use their gift to write. They write with their heart and soul.

They do this in order, to give awareness of the grace of Our Father Jehovah and the son Jesus Christ. Who's healing powers gives us  the freedom from a hurting soul. A soul that just wants to live happier , love better and be better. 

It’s in those things that we see a common balance to continue to be a family united as,  God-Sisters, God-Brothers, and B.F.F. in Jesus Christ-Amen

With that being said here are my  gifts for the past two weeks. ( we, went on a little family vacation)

88) Paper
89) Kind words like than you written on a piece paper
90) Crisp Cotton, when its to warm outside. ( the skin can breathe so much better)
91) Home cook meal
92) Crisp snap peas
93) Frozen cherries
94) Reading a  helpful book, that helps me to  see my worth in God.
95) Relaxing and having moment with God
96) dipping my toes in cool pool on trip.
97) Have plenty of upside down friends , that I love
98) I find the inside of people a gift
99) things inside a blog that is uplifting is a gift.
100) 10 a.m My feet hit the floor… Thank you
101) 1p.m. Other family members feet are walking
102) 10 p.m. I have place to lay my head down after a hectic day.
103) A gave a hug
104) A smile
105) I found something lost and turned it in
104) Chilled ,Water is refreshing to drink during the heat
105) I’am Glad to see you, is nice to hear
106) My favorite over sized coffee mug is white
107) Our mechanic , Travis who brought the car to my job. Though, mutter over the phone” I can already tell this is going to be a nightmare.”
108) That, it wasn’t a nightmare when he drop the car off
109) that despite his gloomy reservations. he allowed his kindness to take over.
110) People like Travis
111) Road Trips
112) Hotel Lounge chairs biggest enough for two, but only help me and my books
113) Road trip reads
114) Enjoy every point of Gods view while on the road
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Have a blessed day everyone and may God bless us all with a peace & happy tomorrow ~ Amen

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