Sunday, August 4, 2013

Take the Test

God Vine
An eye test, is something we all need to take when it concerns others, without the same belief as ourselves. I will also include lifestyles of people who genuinely fall in love with one another. Yet, this is something we do all the time as Christians and as human beings. We, constantly judge one another.

Sometimes, It takes nothing to breed hostility. It could be, because someone is pretty, happy, free. Or it could be because, it’s something that doesn't fit a group or a person's ideology.  Because, we have some  insecurities. Though, we are strong in our faith. We, at times allow  evil  to make us  believe we are inferior . This however, is what rules our  minds and not our faith.

I can admit I have been and will be again guilty of this, I will admit it now.  I would never say “I never will”. Least  man will prove me wrong. Why? Just read the last paragraph.  It’s a vicious circle that waste time and ones lives. When we, could take a second , smile , say hello or just let it go.
Let it go and use the God giving energy to care about someone, something. Least, we give anyone reason, to dispute God and Christ. How, can we draw anyone to him if we fight each other. Yes, as Christian we judge each other harsher, from a simple jealousy.

We, all  seem to think we speak the right words for God. We all seem to think we represent him best. That our religion and or church has His right answers. Yet, we all do the above and judge with a patch over one eye. We do this by letting an organization rule our ideas, rather than our God in Christ Hearts. Which is to forgive and take the stick from our eyes , before we take it out of someone else's. Again, I will include myself in this as well.But, it  disheartens me when I see this going on all in the name of God.

However, I would like to add that I’am not a preacher nor a teacher. I ‘am just someone who lives in an everyday life, holding on to my faith , my belief , my God and my Brother, Jesus Christ. To get me by like everyone else. As the words and the wisdom of the Bible holds my trembling hands when I fall again and again from my blindness.

With everything being said. I'll leave everyone with a fitting verse with a tough love teaching: This is personally for me and wanted to share it. As, this week I found myself doing all the above and felt when I read this verse this morning that I needed to see it. In fact  I wanted to cry of how rude my thoughts have been lately. Sorry, truth, I' am not the saint you all think I'am. Don't cry it will be okay. (my sense of humor)

 * Romans 14 : 1 It’s high time that you welcome all people weak in the faith without debating and disputing their opinions.
Romans 14 :3 if God has accepted them,you have no reason to reject them. 4 How could you think for a moment that you have the right to judge another person

Thank you. May God Bless us all with a Peaceful and Happy tomorrow in Jesus Christ ~ Amen

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