Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We all Belong
I do all things through Christ who strenghten me
Via: Verse Inspire  on Facebook

In that moment when I feel I have nothing and no one, I remind myself I have  Someones. Which is  a heavenly Father, that loves and welcomes me into a Holy Family whose royalty is surpasses all.
 So, during my take fives or late at night before bed  I have  to remind myself of  John 14:8.

*My Prayer For Us and Everyone: May, we remind ourselves daily of this verse, each and everyone of us! It doesn't matter our ethnic background, how low we may believe we are in society and how it makes us feel we look like or love.  At least we know this one thing, that  keeps us humble and brave. Is this beautiful knowledge that, we Have God in Jesus Christ~ Amen

Have a blessed/peaceful/ and happy day all.~LeahJlyn

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